International Contemporary Art Fair

TIF HELEXPO Exhibition and Conference Center, pavilion 10, stand 27

May 23-26, 2024

Thessaloniki, Greece

Owner of Rumak Art Gallery

Svetlana Rumak is a professional artist and illustrator who currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Svetlana Rumak was born in 1969 in Poltava (Ukraine).
At 5 years old she moved to Russia with her family.

Svetlana graduated from the Arts Department of the Pedagogical Institute in Russia (1992).
She has been involved in exhibition activities since 1993.

Svetlana Rumak is a member of the National Professional Union of Artists of Russia (International Association of Art) and member of The Moscow Union of Artists «International Art Fond».

She has participated in more than 300 exhibitions in Russia and other countries.
Svetlana has had 10 solo exhibitions in Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, the United States.
Svetlana has participated in 15 international art workshops and symposiums in different countries (Qatar, Turkey, Morocco, Bulgaria, Latvia, India, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Romania).

Svetlana Rumak’s works are in private and public collections in Russia and in more than 30 other countries.

Svetlana has developed more than 15 painting and mixed media techniques and has been giving more then 100 workshops in Russia and other countries since 2013.

Svetlana has illustrated two books by Lewis Carroll for the Publishing House «Arbor» (Moscow):
«Alice in Wonderland» (2009),
«Alice Through the Looking Glass» (2011).
Both books received praise among collectors and appraisers of limited edition books from different countries and were repeatedly published in Russian.

Since 2018, Svetlana has been a producer and a leading expert of her own international online art school, which has taught more than 5000 students from more than 40 countries.
Svetlana Rumak
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  • Margarita Ivanova
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