International Art Fair

Dr. Kadir Topbaş Kültür Ve Sanat Merkezi

1-4 June

Moscow Gallery «Rumak Art Gallery» participates for the first time in the top international art fair «ArtContact Istanbul 2023» on June 1-4.

This is the gallery’s second art fair in Turkey (the first was ArtAnkara 2023), but this time the gallery’s exposition is really grandiose.

Rumak Art Gallery presents 440 sq. m. meters, 71 artists and about 354 paintings from different cities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Naberezhnye Chelny, Samara, Novosibirsk, Togliatti, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Kazan, Sochi, Ulan-Ude and others), as well as from 9 countries — Georgia, Norway, England, Turkey, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus.

For the guests of the exhibition in Istanbul, Rumak Art Gallery also presents a wide additional cultural program.

The Yakut Cultural Association «Yakutder» with the famous Yakut artist Semyon Lukansi, as well as the young Istanbul gallery «Oska», representing 4 famous Dagestani artists and a talented Kazakhstani artist, participate for the first time in the Rumak Art Gallery pavilion.

Estonian sculptor Kirill Grekov, invited by Rumak Art Gallery, arrived a month before the start of the exhibition and created a 2-meter marble sculpture dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. Art lovers will have a unique opportunity to watch the creation of a work live during the days of the exhibition.
The sculptor graduated from one of the best academic schools in the world — the St. Petersburg Art Academy. Repin.

Another gift for Istanbul residents from the gallery is a personal exhibition and a live master class from the famous Russian artist Alexander Shadrin at one of the stands of the gallery. Alexander is one of the most outstanding artists of the modern Russian impressionistic school of painting.
The artist calls his art sensual in a perceptual and metaphorical dimension. Guests of the exhibition will be able to see the master at work — within two days Alexander Shadrin will create a picture with a view of Istanbul.

During the exhibition in the central pavilion of the gallery, talented Russian musician and composer Eric Markovsky, who in 2023 received the Golden Mask Award for the best composer’s work, will perform with his work.

Rumak Art Gallery is a gallery founded by Svetlana Rumak, a Moscow painter with more than 30 years of active creative experience, producer and leading expert of the international online art school, where more than 17,000 Russian—speaking artists from more than 50 countries are currently studying.

In Turkey, Rumak Art Gallery traditionally cooperates with curator Aigul Okutan, who has lived in Istanbul for more than 15 years and has long established herself as a creative art curator and organizer of interesting art projects in Turkey and Russia.

The international art Fair «ArtContact Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair» is one of the most significant art fairs in Turkey.

This year, more than 150 galleries, about 1,500 artists and sculptors participate in the ArtContact exhibition, the authors represent more than 20 countries (among them — Korea, Italy, Iran, Spain, Pakistan, Slovakia, Germany, Albania, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.).

The ArtContact exhibition is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art, get acquainted with modern trends in painting, graphics and sculpture, as well as communicate live with artists, listen to famous curators at art history conferences, enjoy music concerts and master classes by famous artists.

Owner of Rumak Art Gallery

Svetlana Rumak is a professional artist and illustrator who currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Svetlana Rumak was born in 1969 in Poltava (Ukraine).
At 5 years old she moved to Russia with her family.

Svetlana graduated from the Arts Department of the Pedagogical Institute in Russia (1992).
She has been involved in exhibition activities since 1993.

Svetlana Rumak is a member of the National Professional Union of Artists of Russia (International Association of Art) and member of The Moscow Union of Artists «International Art Fond».

She has participated in more than 300 exhibitions in Russia and other countries.
Svetlana has had 10 solo exhibitions in Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, the United States.
Svetlana has participated in 15 international art workshops and symposiums in different countries (Qatar, Turkey, Morocco, Bulgaria, Latvia, India, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Romania).

Svetlana Rumak’s works are in private and public collections in Russia and in more than 30 other countries.

Svetlana has developed more than 15 painting and mixed media techniques and has been giving more then 100 workshops in Russia and other countries since 2013.

Svetlana has illustrated two books by Lewis Carroll for the Publishing House «Arbor» (Moscow):
«Alice in Wonderland» (2009),
«Alice Through the Looking Glass» (2011).
Both books received praise among collectors and appraisers of limited edition books from different countries and were repeatedly published in Russian.

Since 2018, Svetlana has been a producer and a leading expert of her own international online art school, which has taught more than 5000 students from more than 40 countries.
Curator of Rumak Art Gallery

Born in 1977 in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan (Russian Federation). After graduating from the Academy of Arts in Perm, Russia, she worked as director of the photography department at the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Since 2007 she has been living in Istanbul as a freelance artist and curator of art projects.
Since 2005, she has opened 14 solo exhibitions of painting and photography in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Istanbul, Yelabuga.
Participant of more than 60 exhibitions in Russia, China, USA, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Italy and Kazakhstan.

Paintings of the Museum of Islamic Culture (Kazan Kremlin, State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve), Tatarstan; Bulgarian State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve, Tatarstan;
It is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Yelabuga-Tatarstan.
Paintings are in private collections in Russia, Tatarstan, USA, Switzerland, Turkey, England, Czech Republic.
Member of the State Union of Photographers of the Russian Federation.

2004 Participation in the «International Meeting of Photographers» organized by TURKSOY — Cappadocia, Turkey
2009 Participation in the «International Meeting of Photographers» organized by TURKSOY — Cyprus, Samsun, Ağrı (Turkey)
2013. International Art Symposium «Legends of Love», Museum of Modern Art, Yelabuga, Russia.
2015. International Art Symposium «The Great Silk Road», Museum of Modern Art, Yelabuga, Russia.
2017. Participation in the contemporary art fair «Art-Ankara». Ankara, Turkey.
2017. Participation in the International Art Symposium «Contemporary Art» Traditions and Rituals, Museum of Contemporary Art, Yelabuga, Russia.
2019. Participation in the International Workshop of Traditional Art of Cappadocia. Ortahisar, Turkey.
2019. Participation in the international art fair in Italy.
2021. Participation in the international contemporary art fair «Art-Contact». Istanbul

2003 Special awards of the photo contest «Portrait of an era»: «Artistic taste» and «High culture»,
2006 «Portrait of the era» Special prize of the photo contest: «Lyrics of the female image» — Kazan, Russia.
Svetlana Rumak
  • Aleksandr Shadrin
  • Agnese Kurzemniece
  • Aigul Dinikeeva
  • Albina Bunina
  • Aleksandra Ayhan
  • Alyona Masterkova
  • Anastasia Reytarova
  • Anna Belan
  • Anna Feller
  • Anush
  • Arseniy Zimin
  • Ekaterina Prisich
  • Elena Almakaeva
  • Elena Lyapina
  • Elena Mi
  • Elena Papushina
  • Elena Ulanova-Trofimova
  • Elizaveta Usacheva
  • Galina Museridze
  • Irina Abramova
  • Irina Egorova
  • Irina Margusheva
  • Katerina Bim
  • Kristina Agelskaya
  • Kseniya Berestova
  • Larisa Astakhova
  • Ludmila Beresneva
  • Margarita Ivanova
  • Marina Skvortsova
  • Mariya Marchenko
  • Mi6el_art
  • Natalia Babkina
  • Natalia Kovaleva
  • Natalia Tchaikovskaya
  • Natalie Chizhikova
  • Oleg Semenovykh
  • Olesya Novikova
  • Olesya Tutunnikova
  • olga goncharova
  • Olga Schensnovich
  • Olga Simonova
  • Olga Sorokina
  • Olya Anima
  • Pavel Nechaev
  • Raisa Graf
  • Rustem Ibatullin
  • Sansyzbek Mirziraimov
  • SElena
  • Sulpan Bilalova
  • Svetlana Nagaeva
  • Tamara Emsen
  • Tatiana Kaganets
  • Tanya Rodionova
  • Valeria Ocean
  • Valeriy Novikov
  • Violetta Solovykh
  • Yulia Ivanova
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