July 11, 1981

Anastasia is a translator and tax auditor by education. And, although she does not have a professional education, she has been painting for many years. Takes part in all-Russian exhibitions. In 2020, together with other artists, she illustrated the book «Alice in Wonderland».

2017 Art Expo, New York, USA.
2017 Group exhibition Domestic Gallery, Venice, Italy.
2018 Group exhibition «Art Deco» «Genius of the place», Moscow, Russia.
2019 Group exhibition «WantandPaint», Moscow, Russia.
2019 Personal exhibition at the «Gallery of Modern Art» «Tibetan Faces», Dimitrovgrad, Russia.
2020 Exhibition of illustrations «Alice in Wonderland» at VDNKh, Moscow, Russia.
2021 Group exhibition «Art-Rostov» Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
2021 Group exhibition «Watching Earthlings» in the gallery «HERE on Taganka», Moscow, Russia.

Human emotions and ways of expressing them, postures, faces, interaction with the outside world interest and nourish me.
I love to show movement in my paintings, repeat, repeat the same thing, brightly, catchy, fantastically, like in childhood.
Будешь ли ты любить меня, когда я стану совершенством
Холст, акрил, d50 см, 2020
Деревянная панель, акрил, 39х39 см, 2019
Большая маленькая ярость
Дерево, акрил, 42х30 см, 2019
Дерево, темпера, 70х50 см, 2018
Моё солнце
Дерево, темпера, d50 см, 2018
Мыльные пузыри
Деревянная панель, акрил, 37х38 см, 2019
Не ори на мою рыбу
Деревянная панель, акрил, 44х28 см, 2019
Холст, акрил, 100х60 см, 2020
Холст, акрил, 100х50 см, 2021