Painting for me is a quick way to take off all the layers and get to my very essence.

In 2010, Albina graduated from the Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts with a degree in Graphic Design in St. Petersburg, where she lived for several years.

For some time she worked in a large book publishing house, and then took up advertising as a designer and illustrator.

In 2014, Albina left her job, left advertising and took up painting.

All these years, the theme of botany and the tropics has been the main theme in her paintings.

Albina creates pictures of human feelings, experiences and fears, and all this is expressed in the images of plants and becomes magical symbolism on canvas. She paints pictures about the connection between man and nature, about the fragility and flexibility of man, about the fact that we are only a small part of a vast world. And, of course, each of her paintings is saturated with mood. Conditions are her main inspiration, which is always with her, inside. Each picture is therapeutic for her, and the viewer also feels this depth and finds a response in himself.

Currently, she successfully sells her paintings on the international art market. Her paintings are sold, in demand and locate in private collections in Russia, Canada, France, Luxembourg, England, Uzbekistan, Israel.

The Cross
Oil on canvas, 100х120 cm, 2021
14 Days of Self-Isolation
Oil on canvas, 120х70 cm, 2021
Past. Present. Future
Acrylic on canvas, 120х150 cm, 2021
Big Black Flower
Acrylic on canvas, 110х110 cm, 2021
The Physalis
Acrylic on canvas, d80 cm, 2020
The Hive
Acrylic on canvas, 100х120 cm, 2019

2014 Artmuza Creative Cluster, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2015 ArtWhoArt, Moscow, Russia.
2016 ArtWhoArt, Mytishchi, Russia.
2018 Personal exhibition «The Dark Side of the Garden» Artmuza, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2019 W&P Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2019 «Moscow Jazz», Big seasonal vernissage, «Apartment S» gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2019 «Merry Carousel II» gallery «HERE on Taganka», Moscow, Russia.

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